SOLOS Spotlight: Adam Hager – Delicate Machinery

by Evan Odoms, AAC Marketing Intern If you’re a tactile person who happens to be attracted to shiny little objects, this SOLOS exhibition is for you. Adam Hager’s Mechanical Resonance …

SOLOS Spotlight: Gabriela Bulisova – Facing Locked Apart

written by Evan Odoms, AAC Marketing Intern The great thing about our Spring SOLOS is the arrival of something new. What makes contemporary art so alluring is its relevance to our …

SOLOS Spotlight: Jesse Harrod

by Evan Odoms, AAC Marketing Intern and Jen Noone, AAC Exhibitions Intern AAC Spring SOLOS 2016 are in full effect! Each year, along with curated exhibitions, we also present the SOLOS series, …

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