August 29, 2013

So You Think You Can Garden

Virginia Cooperative Extension

As part of our GREEN ACRES exhibition and the ongoing conversation around urban livability, we’ve decided to bring in the experts! Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE) has agreed to lead a couple of FREE community workshops highlighting urban farming issues specific to the Arlington area.

For many would-be growers, space is limited to a corner of the apartment or even a windowsill. Others have a hard time knowing what plants grow best in this fickle climate. VCE’s Master Gardener Carol Rosen will cover these issues, along with other topics like what containers to use (some may surprise you!) and when to plant certain seeds. For the more adept gardeners, the master gardener will be here to answer questions and provide advice to help your plants flourish.

VCE Master GardenerOur first event Urban Gardening in Containers: GREEN ACRES in a Small Space will be held September 7, 2013 at 10:30 am. In this workshop, Rosen will discuss urban gardening, including a lecture on what, when, and how to plant. Participants will take home month-by-month information about optimal planting seasons. There will also be time afterward for a Q&A about how your garden grows.


Zen Shoe Garden - a Creative Commons licensed image
Zen Shoe Garden – a Creative Commons licensed image

There are so many reasons to start a garden. Maybe you’re looking for ways to eat healthier or you love the smell and taste of fresh produce. Maybe you just want a little more greenery around the home. If you’re like me, you’ve considered gardening many times but don’t know where to start! These community classes are perfect primers for beginners but will also provide insight for the seasoned gardener.

If this class whets your appetite for gardening or inspires you to be at one with nature, join us for a second event with Virginia Cooperative Extension on October 5, 2013 at 10:30 am. This class will explore the ins and outs of farming and land economics to help us understand why it’s best to buy locally and eat fresh.

-Written by Beth Evans, AAC’s Education Intern

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