July 2, 2019

Recap: Rated Art 2019


We want to thank all of our wonderful guests; the talented current and former resident artists who contributed to our silent auction; our restaurant partners who crafted artistically-inspired cocktails; and the phenomenal artists who created the art experiences that kept us all entertained throughout the party: Amanda Browder, Lorenzo Cardim, Katie Macyshyn, Renée Regan, and Greg Stewart.

Our benefit would not have been possible without the support of our incredible event partners: BABA, Buena Vida, Delia’s, SER, AFR Furniture Rental, Jim Coates Photography, Devils Backbone Brewing Company, DJ Esso, Eight Tree Street Floral, Main Event Caterers, MurLarkey Distilled Spirits, and Lyon Hall; and all of our generous sponsors: Atlantic Union Bank, Ballston BID, NOVA Cat Clinic, Jean & Richard Barton, Liz Georges, Amanda Phillips, Paul Robinson, Joe & Carol Shull, Johno Steffen, and Bridgette & Dennis Weitzel.

Thank you to everyone who helped make our event so special this year!

Michèle Colburn / Lee Gainer / Roxana Alger Geffen / Sarah Hardesty / Becca Kallem / Bridget Sue Lambert / Stephanie Lane / Marissa Long / Ryan McCoy / Olivia Tripp Morrow / Jen Noone / Jung Min Park / Lyric Prince / Pam Rogers / Austin Shull / Jessica van Brakle / Alice Whealin / Dawn Whitmore

BABA / Buena Vida / Delia’s / SER / AFR Furniture Rental / Jim Coates Photography / Devils Backbone Brewing Company / DJ Esso / Eight Tree Street Floral / Main Event Caterers / MurLarkey Distilled Spirits / Lyon Hall

Atlantic Union Bank / Ballston BID / NOVA Cat Clinic / Jean & Richard Barton / Liz Georges / Amanda Phillips / Paul Robinson / Joe & Carol Shull / Johno Steffen / Bridgette & Dennis Weitzel


Global Spotlight: Video Art from Ukraine

March 16 - May 14, 2023

Experimental and Truland
Global Spotlight: Video Art from Ukraine introduces audiences to four of Ukraine’s leading contemporary artists, with a focus on recent video work.

Rebecca Rivas Rogers: Grey View

February 11 - May 14, 2023

Wyatt Resident Artists Gallery
Grey View is MoCA Arlington resident artist Rebecca Rivas Rogers‘ exuberant love letter to the color gray, a record of the abstractions, colors and textures found in America’s constructed spaces and a snapshot of the artist’s creative process.

Adam Henry: Make Your Mark

January 12 - April 2, 2023

Front Lawn
Bright and eye-catching, Adam Henry’s Make Your Mark celebrates the Museum’s recent rebranding and brings energy and life to the lawn space in front of MoCA Arlington’s building.