October 12, 2016

Introducing the 2016-17 SOLOS Artists

written by Erica Sobers, Arlington Arts Center Marketing Intern

image: Michael Booker, HSG Bust II. 2016 (detail). Fall SOLOS 2016 at Arlington Arts Center

As Strange Landscapes comes to an end, another round of accomplished artists will be making their way into AAC’s galleries to showcase their work in the 2016-17 SOLOS exhibitions. These 14 artists were chosen from around the Mid-Atlantic out of more than 100 applicants.

Fall SOLOS 2016 Artists

Michael Booker, Bust II

Michael Booker from Laurel, MD combines African-American culture, quilt-making and art history in his exhibition, The Huntview Sculpture Garden, to examine how events are remembered and forgotten as time passes.

Amanda Burnham, Drift (detail)Drawing inspiration from her neighborhood, Amanda Burnham’s Out in the Weeds uses paper and scraps along with paint  in a collage-like fashion to create expressive, oversized wall drawings of cities.

Lewis Colburn, HomespunUsing a series of sculptures, Lewis Colburn’s Early America helps us rethink our narratives about the American Revolution in an effort to retell the past through current experiences.


Marion Colomer, A CoupleReminiscent of the Garden of Eden, Marion Colomer’s latest exhibition, Melancholia, displays penciled-in black and white figures against lush jungle backgrounds.


Liz Guzman, I Love You HeartsLiz Guzman’s use of synthetic materials like acrylic and plastic to create unique textures while puff paint helps to create the girlish pops of color to symbolize a feeling that takes you somewhere between a crush and a love obsession in her latest work.

Andrew Hladky, It's Looking Out Thru Our Eye HoalsAndrew Hladky used sharpened cocktail sticks [as brushes] to compile oil paint and wooden shards into intricate layers to create a stimulating display of shifting landscapes in Our Woal Life Is a Idear We Dint Think of nor We Dont Know What It Is. What a Way to Live.  

Michele Montalbano, Hide and SeekHeavily inspired by the Yellow Wallpaper, where a woman sees frightening figures in her wallpaper, Michele Montalbano exhibit by the same name, uses accents of yellows and golds to display repeated patterns that play on the idea of apophenia.

Spring SOLOS 2017 Artists

John Ryan Brubaker, On Confluence #6On Confluence by John Ryan Brubaker uses photographs developed in a West Virginia river using an acid mine agent to depict transit, such as interstates, riverbeds and intersections.


Zoe Cohen, Beloved St John Evangelistic church,former Beth SholomZoe Cohen’s Shul/Church Project uses a traditional Jewish cut-paper technique to illustrate historic synagogues and churches in U.S. cities that were later re-purposed or demolished. Her vision is to show the shared history between the Jewish and Black communities by showcasing the beauty in these buildings.

Shannon Collis; 01_CollisSound is the focus of Shannon Collis exhibition as she focuses on how our auditory perception shapes our environment. Using various mediums- vibration sensors, video and camera assemblies, she explores the relationship between visual and acoustic occurrences.

Braxton Congrove; work sample DIn this playful exhibition Braxton Congrove merges performance with stand alone art to explore complex subjects with crafty objects to create a visually appealing and playful display.


Sascha Hughes-Caley; Yes and (Prem)Sascha Hughes-Caley takes a comedic approach to a series of otherwise serious topics such as spirituality and failure, with the hope addressing darker themes ranging from shame to power.


Ali seradge; Ildlith 2015, Ali Seradge takes us on a journey through past and present as he reflects on his childhood experiences as an Iranian-American and the current state of the Middle East and Mediterranean regions as told through media.   

Rene Trevino; Rainbow Star Chart (Renaming the Constellations)René Treviño swaps out traditional Greek and Western names of constellations for Ancient Mexican names and those from his personal family history. He used layers depicting the constellations to create his exhibition.


Fall SOLOS will be on view Oct 15, – Dec 18, 2016. Join us for the opening reception Saturday, October 15, 2016, 6 – 9 PM!

Later this fall we’ll open our 13th annual Dia de los Muertos [Day of the Dead] exhibition with a celebration and reception on Friday, November 4, 6 – 8 PM.

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