July 3, 2013

How To Choose Your AAC Adults Art Class

It can be challenging to find the time to express yourself, and that’s why we’ve conveniently scheduled our Adult classes (ages 18+) to be held once a week in the evenings. Classes begin July 9 and continue through August 29. They occur every week from 7pm until 9:30 pm. Maybe you’ve seen some of these classes available at AAC before, but every semester our fantastic instructors develop unique projects that are sure to offer fresh perspectives on traditional techniques. Adult class registration is already open so grab your seat today! Read more about our classes and instructors below to find out how to choose the perfect AAC Adults Art class for you.

Art Making: 2D Processes

Arlington Arts Center Instructor Stephanie Lane  "Spring's Push"
Stephanie Lane
Spring’s Push
oil on canvas

In making art there is often a creative process that leads to an emotional discovery. In our Art Making: 2D Processes class, AAC  instructor Stephanie Lane encourages students to experiment with a variety of methods that will teach them to use gesture and emotion to express themselves on 2-D surfaces like paper, canvas, or panel. Stephanie is a local artist whose studio is in Bethesda, MD. She has been working in the arts for more than thirty years, and is interested in “that place which is ‘in between’ the intangible and its materialization.” She is keenly focused on the process that takes a work of art from idea to reality, which makes her perfect for teaching this class.


Arlington Arts Center Instructor Melanie Kehoss Cut Rice Paper "Late January"
Melanie Kehoss
Late January
Cut Rice Paper and Gouache

Portraiture: Structure, Self, and Surface

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the portrait is the window to history. Throughout time portraiture has been used to decipher information about fashion, personality, and even politics. In the AAC class Portraiture: Structure, Self, and Surface students will learn how contemporary artists often use traditional portraiture for inspiration. Instructor Melanie Kehoss will explain how to draw expression and likeness using classical proportions. Melanie has also taught at Georgetown University, Carthage College, US Arts Center, and University of Wisconsin-Madison, and she uses paper-cut portraits and illustrations to articulate her observations of life in these different regions.


Surrealism: Managing Modern Identity

Arlington Arts Center Instructor Camden Place Ben is An Average Guy India Ink on carved Mahogany
Camden Place
Ben is An Average Guy
India Ink on carved Mahogany
13″ x 8″

Symbols help us interpret our world and ourselves, but sometimes it’s hard to know if symbols tell us who to be or if they are mere representations of who we are. In our class, Surrealism: Managing Modern Identity students of all skill-levels are invited to explore these ideas using a mix of symbolism like icons from pop culture and invented imagery from the imagination. Camden Place is the instructor for this class and he has “always been fascinated by the gap between our knowledge of self and our perceptions of self.” His lessons and projects are designed to encourage students to use different kinds of symbolism to express self-identity.



– Written by Carollei McMillin, AAC Marketing & Development Intern

Golden: Fifty Years of New Classics

June 15 - September 8, 2024

Curated by Al Miner
Museum of Contemporary Art Arlington is proud to present Golden: Fifty Years of New Classics, an exhibition celebrating the organization’s 50th anniversary.

Summer Camp Registration

June 17 – August 16

Museum of Contemporary Art Arlington offers a wonderful and wide range of creative summer camps for your creative students! Camps are offered for kids starting at age 5 and up to teens ages 18.

Zaq Landsberg: Reclining Liberty

August 5, 2023 - July 28, 2024

Front Lawn
MoCA Arlington and Arlington Public Art are thrilled to co-sponsor the installation of Zaq Landsberg’s celebrated Reclining Liberty on the Museum’s front lawn.