November 22, 2016

How Giving Supports AAC

written by Erica Sobers, Marketing Intern
thankful for you!guests at AAC's spring 2016 opening receptionWith the holidays fast approaching, giving season is officially in effect, so what better time than now to highlight the ways your giving helps AAC!?

Donations from individuals like you (more than 70% of our contributions) help us meet our mission of supporting the new work by artists in the Mid Atlantic Region, while serving as a bridge between artists and the public.

Arlington Arts Center wouldn’t be what it is today without the generosity of our community of artists, students, friends, and supporters!

Adam Hager discusses his work in the Spring SOLOS 2016We strive to support new and accomplished artists by showcasing their work through our exhibitions programs. Events we host throughout the year, along with classes and workshops for all ages, provide art enrichment to the community near and far.

As a nonprofit organization, we are dedicated to the service of the arts. But the arts are not just abstract things, they’re actually people…

Well, ok, not people, people, but what we’re saying is that people like you are the genius and the hard work behind the arts!


You, your passion, dedication, and generosity, are what makes the arts valuable, not the other way around. This includes our amazingly talented and dedicated all-volunteer board members!


conversations at AACMemberships are a great way to get a little closer to AAC while also supporting what we do. Along with great discounts on classes, you’ll also get invites to intimate events.

These memberships help us to continue to hold engaging workshops and events throughout the year by defraying the cost of supplies.

This year alone we’ve held 21 free events, and 15 exhibitions that have drawn more than 20,000 people into our galleries, classes, and events.

Events like this let us create a space to connect with members of the community and artists alike while increasing awareness and appreciation of visual arts.

links_digi_classesstudents at AAC

During the summer we offer art camps that help introduce artmaking techniques to children, and throughout the year we’ve got plenty of classes and workshops for all ages to have meaningful creative experiences here at AAC.

We also do this really fun thing where we bring our students into the galleries and studios to learn directly from the source.

Your donations provide materials for our 19 instructors to create up-to-date content and teach fun, innovative classes to more than 1200 students.

student at AACIn this way AAC serves as, in the words of one parent said, “…a wonderful cultural resource that has enriched our family in countless ways.” 

Along with materials and supplies, your contributions also provide scholarship resources for students who might not otherwise be able to attend.

AAC accepts all scholarship students who apply, we’re only able to do this, because you chose to support us!


view of Jung Min Park's studioOur resident artists are an ever-important, and foundational, part of AAC. They spend countless hours preparing their exhibitions and creating art.

A space to create is just as important as the art itself and donations allow us to provide subsidized studios for them.

In an area where affordable studios (or even super-expensive ones) are dwindling, we have created a way for more artists to create their art at AAC through our short-term residency program. This project-based residency made space for three additional artists at AAC this year.

current resident Austin Shull and former resident Rachel Schmidt in Austin's studioOur long-term residency program has a lifespan of six years, and while we are always sad to see artists “graduate” from AAC, we know that they spent their time here improving, growing, and exploring new ideas in a close-knit creative community.

Your donation makes a space for local artists to not only connect with each other, but also to create the work that speaks to our hearts, opens our minds, and delights our souls.


…people like you are the genius and the hard work behind the arts! You, your passion, dedication, and generosity, are what makes the arts valuable…

Our community is important to us and as Arlington’s flagship visual arts organization, your support is crucial. Donating helps us continue to bring the best of the region’s contemporary arts to Arlington, give artists a space to create, offer a creative, educational outlet for all ages.links_digi_images

As AAC grows, we need your help to continue doing what we do well, and to do even more! Our year-end goal is $50,000. To show your support for AAC donate online, in person at 3550 Wilson Blvd, Arlington VA, or mail in a gift with this pledge card to the same address. We offer one-time, recurring and annual giving options, so don’t be shy!


March 30 - May 26, 2024

NO GRIDS NO MASTERS: a Post-Cartesian Experiment is an exploration and contestation of the grid and the structured set of worldviews that are embedded in it. Incorporating digital and traditional weaving, sculpture, found objects, and transformed cast materials, the installation reflects the artist’s intense engagement with material.

Artist Talk: Clarissa Pezone

Saturday / May 18 / 3pm-4pm

Pushing the possibilities of clay, Clarissa Pezone creates human and animal figures that are lifelike yet suffused with a sense of mystery. At this talk with the artist, she will discuss The Woods of No Name, her solo exhibition on view at the museum through May 26.

Federico Cuatlacuatl: Tiaxcas Intergalácticxs, Topileastronáuticxs

April 6 - May 26, 2024

In experimental film and multimedia installation, Federico Cuatlacuatl explores transborder indigenous Nahua identities. His work envisions indigenous futurity as a means of thinking about history, diasporic legacies, and cultural identities.