May 14, 2015

Hot Smoke on the Bayou at Rated ART

Bayou BakeryAre you thinking what I’m thinking? That Rated ART is looking better and better? Yeah, that’s because we have some pretty amazing Resident Artists and Restaurant Partners!

Here we have Bayou Bakery, Coffee Bar & Eatery  – which has created a drink and a dish inspired by two of our Resident Artists: Alice Whealin and Michele Colburn.

Artist: Alice Whealin_________

Alice Whealin, Dream Vacation, 2014, watercolor on paper, 26 x 34 inches (framed),
Alice Whealin, Dream Vacation, 2014, watercolor on paper, 26 x 34 inches (framed),

Who are the top three artists you really admire?

Alice: Steven Di BenedettoCharles Burchfield and Terry Winters.

What’s your art superpower?

Alice: Patience. I need to know when to work intuitively and…when to stop and think about how best to respond.

What are your art turn-offs?

Alice: Certain color combinations, subject matter or even the execution of a work does not appeal to me. I did not fully appreciate the works of Mark Rothko until the National Gallery of Art held a retrospective. I was so amazed to finally experience his works perceptually, due to seeing them in a proper space.

Bayou’s Zach Gill gave us a little info about what they’ll be sharing with us at Rated ART: “Our beverage pairing goes with Alice’s Dream Vacation.  We’re going to be doing a playful mix of tropical fruits topped with a touch of passionfruit foam.  It will be light, fruity, and airy, matching right up with the art piece. We’re calling it, Calm Before the Storm.”

Artist: Michele Colburn_________

Michele Colburn, Wired, 2014, gunpowder and ink on tracing and Arches paper, 8 x 10 inches
Michele Colburn, Wired, 2014, gunpowder and ink on tracing and Arches paper, 8 x 10″

Who are the top three artists you really admire?

Michele: Bruce Nauman for balls and a range of media, Eva Hesse for experimentation, and Louise Brourgeois for longevity.

What’s your art superpower?

Michele: I can leap over tall pedestals in a single bound.

What are your art turn-ons?

Michele: Long walks on the beach……………………with my sketch/idea book.

What are your art turn-offs?

Michele: Forgetting to bring my sketch/idea book.

When asked about a hint for the food, Zach gave us this: “Our food pairing will go with Wired. This has been much harder to match, but we’re most likely going with a gritty smokey blend of lamb, veal, and pork. We haven’t nailed down the final presentation yet, but it’s going to involve a setting surrounded with a literal translation of the art piece in the form of a sugar piece, worked out into ‘barbed wire’. We’re calling it, Hot Smoke. I’m sorry I can’t be more detailed than that but it’s still a work in progress.”

That’s ok, Zach! Works in progress are what we love!

Where can we find you?

Alice: Website | Facebook | WPA

Michele: Website | Facebook | Contact

Bayou: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

If you wanna see what Zach’s team at Bayou Bakery came up with, get your ticket to Rated ART and join us Saturday!

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