July 7, 2015

First Thursdays PLAY with BID

Each First Thursday we keep AAC’s galleries open until 8 PM for late-night viewing. Over the next three months you’ll also be able to find us at the Ballston BID (Business Improvement District) Mega Farmers Market in Welburn Square with games, artists, and PLAY-related activities.

Last week we had the chance to show off our friends from Maryland Institute College of Art Interactive Arts Department: Cole Pritchard and Karen Chang. Cole and Karen brought two games that they designed together: Mister Mart and Circles.

Mister Mart uses an Oculus Rift and a Leap Motion controller to take you into the virtual realm of customer service! Return items, and get rid of customers. The more items you return the lower your stress level, the more customers at your counter, the higher the stress level. Click through the photos to see people just like you playing in the world of virtual reality!

A bit like Twister on a tablet, Circles is a multi-player, live action game played with an Android tablet. It requires a minimum of three players, but up to ten can play. In this game, each player places a finger inside a circle on the screen. The circles float around randomly, and players must keep their finger in their circle. As the game progresses the circles begin to move faster, and you can see in the slideshow below that it requires teamwork, quick thinking, and a bit of flexibility.

John James Anderson's Color Book at the First Thursday Mega Market. Coloring Book by John James Anderson

Along with special guests like Karen and Cole, we also have some quick activities. One of our PLAY artists designed an art history coloring book featuring artists throughout the ages. During the exhibition you can stop by AAC and color all day, and during the Mega Market you can stop by our tent and check it out.

Everybody Bubble!  at the Mega Farmers Market

Everybody Bubble!

You can also stop by and create fun and colorful composition with three simple ingredients: paper, bubbles, and food coloring. This activity called Everybody Bubble! is so much fun, and more challenging than you’d think. Don’t worry, we’ll keep it safe while it dries, stop by after shopping to pick up your creation.

So, what’s coming up next month, you ask? On August 6, we’re featuring a special exhibition of SOLOS alum Paul Shortt’s performance art project entitled Large Child. Using toys, play structures, and games Paul examines the landscape of growing up. Join us this summer for First Thursday, late gallery viewing at AAC, and PLAY activities at Welburn Square.

If you can’t wait that long, no worries! We’re opening the show this Saturday, July 11. Join us from 6 to 9 PM as we welcome the artists of PLAY at the opening reception, which will also feature a performance by the University of Maryland’s Gamer Symphony Orchestra.

PLAY Partners

Global Spotlight: Video Art from Ukraine

March 16 - May 14, 2023

Experimental and Truland
Global Spotlight: Video Art from Ukraine introduces audiences to four of Ukraine’s leading contemporary artists, with a focus on recent video work.

Rebecca Rivas Rogers: Grey View

February 11 - May 14, 2023

Wyatt Resident Artists Gallery
Grey View is MoCA Arlington resident artist Rebecca Rivas Rogers‘ exuberant love letter to the color gray, a record of the abstractions, colors and textures found in America’s constructed spaces and a snapshot of the artist’s creative process.

Adam Henry: Make Your Mark

January 12 - April 2, 2023

Front Lawn
Bright and eye-catching, Adam Henry’s Make Your Mark celebrates the Museum’s recent rebranding and brings energy and life to the lawn space in front of MoCA Arlington’s building.