July 30, 2013

Exploring {Agri Interior}: New Work by Pam Rogers and Radio Sebastian

Radio Sebastian "Faint Fields Wall"
Radio Sebastian – Faint Fields Wall

Ever notice those tiny dandelions growing through the cracks of a sidewalk? Doesn’t it make you wonder how such a fragile and vulnerable thing could break through a slab of concrete? If you’re the type of person who imagines the strength of will and character that dandelion must have then you have to see {Agri Interior}. This is a group show featuring new work by AAC Resident Artist Pam Rogers and Visiting Art Collaborative Radio Sebastian. It’s on display in the Wyatt Gallery until October 13, in conjunction with GREEN ACRES.

Every day we interact with objects and people in our environment, not always taking the time to think about the events that spawned them. Rogers and Radio not-so-subtly persuade the viewer to think about what’s happening beneath and beyond the surface. In Radio Sebastian’s work flowers sculpted from polymer clay surge through walls or books, and even drip from faucets. “The viewer is left to wonder just what the world the flowers come from looks like and whether every square inch of that world is filled with these forms,” notes Radio Sebastian. For the artists, this world represents the wonder and excitement of the unknown.

Pam Rogers - Rooted Portraits
Pam Rogers – Rooted Portraits

Rogers’ work “is an exploration into how individuals nurture and develop relationships, societies and ideas.”  Her process revolves around investigating the duality of the world in which we live, specifically the relationship between the man-made environment and the naturally existing world. Because she often uses naturally occurring materials like sandstone, mica, and plants to create her palette, Rogers’ work becomes both a symbol and a manifestation of this duality. “By making the paint from local soil, plants, and minerals, it physically grounds the work in that specific place and is an additional layer to the narrative of each of my pieces,” she explained.

Together this group of artists has created a show that is both whimsical and earnest. {Agri Interior} beckons the viewer to examine the delightful space between spaces that exist in their own lives and the relationships that develop between the forces of nature and of nurture.

For those wanting to further explore this intriguing show we’ve planned events to get you closer to the art and the artists of {Agri Interior}. Coming up on Saturday, August 3, Pam Rogers is opening her studio for an informal discussion followed by a hands-on workshop. She will guide participants through the process of creating an artist’s journal. You’ll take home a personal journal created by you out of natural and synthetic material. Space is limited so register now on EventBrite.

Radio Sebastian - Texts: Faint Fields through the Void
Radio Sebastian – Texts: Faint Fields through the Void

One week later on Saturday, Aug. 10 Rogers and Radio will meet you at the AAC for Coffee and Conversation about their show. In September come back and enjoy a demonstration of Ikenobo style Ikebana designed by Reiko Blackwell in response to the art of {Agri Interior}. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook or sign up for our newsletter for more details on these events.



Written by Carollei McMillin, AAC Marketing & Development Intern


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