Collectors’ Program: Collecting & Caring for Works On Paper with Calder Brannock & Bonner Sale

Saturday / May 20 / 3 PM

Join art handlers and artists Calder Brannock and Bonner Sale for a hands-on class about collecting and caring for artworks on paper. Brannock and Sale are considered experts in the field and will walk participants through how to package, hang, present and store works on paper including (but not limited to) photographs, prints, drawings and watercolors. Workshop cost is free of charge; registration required.

Calder Brannock is a sculptor, art handler, and consultant with over 14 years in art logistics and collections management. he has laid out corporate collections, advised on art storage solutions, packed art for international travel, created custom artwork for a client’s lobby, designed exhibits, and transports priceless works in his custom-built van. In his personal art practice, he has created large-scale works and installations for clients including JBG, Toyota, and the CIA, and runs the travel-based art residency The Adventure Residency, where he takes artists on curated trips and guides them in making responsive work. Calder has a BA from George Washington University and a masters from Maryland Institute College of Art.

Bonner Sale has been a Preparator and Registrar in the DMV area for over ten years, supporting programming and operations at the Katzen Arts Museum, Georgetown University Galleries, Museum of Contemporary Art Arlington and various clients, art hotels and corporate offices. Bonner is also an active artist in the region. He holds a Bachelors of Art from Maryland Institute College of Arts and a Masters of Studio Art from American University. Bonner is a gouache painter working on paper. He has developed a narrative fantasy series of paintings titled “Troubled Magic.” His work has been shown with Transformer DC, Civilian Arts Projects and several other local institutions. Most recently he collaborated on a large-scale installation titled “Magic Forest” with the resident artists at Art Enables in Washington, DC.



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