Mixed Media Collage Exploration (Ages 8-10)

In-Person Class / Wednesdays / April 9 - May 29

In this class students will go on a materials adventure. Students will use a variety of materials from recycled paper, fabrics/ textiles, hand made paper to found materials to create …

Fundamentals of Painting (Ages 11-14)

In-Person Class / Wednesdays / April 10 - May 29

Put color theory and blending techniques into practice in this essential course for beginning and experienced painters! Color, composition, space, and texture will be emphasized throughout this course as projects …

Beyond Drawing (Ages 11-14)

In-Person Class / Thursdays / April 11 - May 30

In this class designed for young artists aged 11-14, we will embark on an artistic journey. This class will seamlessly blend traditional and experimental drawing techniques, empowering students to explore …