Visual Scavenger Hunt

Instructor: Stephanie Lane

This project is fun and easy to do. All you need is your cell phone’s camera, curiosity, and a willingness to embrace a different approach to your visual world.

Instead of seeing a refrigerator, you may look at it as one large vertical rectangle. Or two rectangles sitting on top of each other. Is it reflective? What kind of texture does it have? Smooth?
Can you “see” its hardness? Can you sense it somehow? Can you express that in a photograph? We are rethinking and expanding our thinking and our way of seeing which is a tremendous tool for the creative process.

This project may help you rethink household objects that you see every day in a new and different way. You may make discoveries about objects, relationships, and your own thought patterns. Have fun with it and let’s see what you come up with!
Download Art Project
This is a visual scavenger hunt. Photograph the following all within your house:

• Diagonal lines

• Leading lines (lines that lead the eye to something, like a banister leading to a door or upstairs)

• Texture (Show us something prickly, soft, slippery, etc.)

• Distortion (such as viewing through glass)

• A very up close view (a macro photo of piece of fruit, the edge of a lampshade, etc.)

• Blur something by moving your camera or the subject while pressing the shutter button

• Something from an unusual angle (i.e. Along the edge of a stack of books, the underside of a piece of furniture)

• Repetition (something in your house that has a repeated motif or pattern)

Download the project to see examples of these categories.

The last step is to share your art with us! We want to see your experimental photographs! Tag us @arlingtonartscenter using the hashtag #aacartonline

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