Experimental Painting: Session Two

Welcome everyone! In this session we will explore various processes that will help you create innovative artwork – unique to you. Each class will show you how to explore ways of thinking and experiment with materials to bring your creativity to light.

You will need some heavy paper or canvas to work on – at least 16×20 inches would be best. If you don’t have any that large, you can tape paper or canvas sheets together. For drawing medium, graphite (a dark pencil), charcoal, or black markers. Some paint. Any kind will do, but preferably acrylic. A few paint brushes you have around the house. Do not buy any. If you have latex or nitrile gloves, you don’t even need brushes! You will use your fingers! A palette to put your paints on. A coffee tin for water. Paper towels. That’s it! All can be improvised if necessary.

For the 4th week’s collage, you will need various printed media. Newsprint, old wall paper, ticket stubs, old maps, magazine pages, anything you are willing to cut up and use in your collage. Some glue. Glue stick is best for this, but any glue will do. You can also use acrylic mat medium as your glue if you have that already. Roll up your sleeves and join us for this four-week Experimental Painting course, from home!




Tuesdays, May 19 – June 9, 6:30-8:30pm


Stephanie Lane

Additional Information

This is a virtual drawing class. You will receive a link to this class as well as supply list the day before class. We advise that you test out your computer’s audio, camera, and wifi before the start of the first class and gather your supplies in advance.

AAC is using Zoom for its online classes. You can use Zoom on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. To set up a free Zoom account visit:
Advance registration is required.


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