Discovering Creativity: Young Explorers (Ages 5-7)

In-Person Class / Wednesday / January 24 - March 13

In this unique class, we will introduce students to the world of contemporary artists. Each week, your young artist will be immersed in the vibrant styles of diverse artists, drawing …

The Studio Experience: Painting, Drawing, and Beyond! (Ages 5-7)

In-Person Class / Tuesdays / January 23 - March 12

Ignite your child’s artistic spark! In this class, young artists will embark on a colorful journey, exploring the magical realms of drawing and painting while dipping their fingers into the …

The Creative Process: Painting Exploration (Ages 11-14)

In-Person Class / Wednesdays / January 24 - March 13

Dive into the world of color and creativity in this class designed for ages 11-14. We will explore various painting techniques, from classic brushstrokes to contemporary methods, fostering an understanding …

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