Introducing Our Spring Solos 2017 Artists

On Confluence by John Ryan Brubaker uses photographs developed in a West Virginia river using an acid mine agent to depict transit, such as interstates, riverbeds and intersections.   Zoe Cohen’s …

Concepts and Challenges: AAC Resident Artist Pam Rogers’ Working the Ground

As a part of our ongoing Concepts and Challenges series, we highlight solo exhibitions by current resident artists. Pam Rogers has been with us since 2011, and this is a special post …

Experience Austin Shull’s Reconciliation

written by Jen Noone, AAC Curatorial and Exhibitions Intern Our current exhibitions Strange Landscapes, Austin Shull’s Reconciliation, and Materialized Magic opened on June 25, and if you haven’t seen it yet don’t wait! Reconciliation and Materialized Magic both …

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