​​Museum of Contemporary Art Arlington Seeks Resident Artists 

Long & Short-Term Studios
One Short Term Studio Available September 2023 – May 2024
Three Long-Term Studios Available September 2023 – August 2025
Deadline to submit: 11:59 PM on Wednesday, July 12 2023
Notification Date: Mid-August 2023
Application Fee: There is no fee to apply to this call
Link to apply


The Museum of Contemporary Art Arlington’s Resident Artist program provides subsidized studio space in a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages interaction, dialogue, and exploration. The program gives artists the opportunity to develop their practice in a community with other contemporary artists and alongside MoCA Arlington’s critically acclaimed exhibitions and extensive educational programs. All studios have excellent sunlight, private work sinks, and high ceilings with 24-hour access, 365 days a year. Shared facilities include a lounge area, kitchen, and a bathroom with a shower. All studios and shared facilities are wheelchair accessible.

As members of MoCA Arlington’s community, resident artists are key to the organization’s broader mission of connecting the public to contemporary art and artists. Resident artists are expected to participate in open studios approximately four times a year for MoCA Arlington’s public exhibition openings and other special events. Resident artists are also required to supervise the gallery for four hours each month, attend monthly meetings and to engage in other community outreach activities. 

At this time, MoCA Arlington is seeking new residents for three long-term studios and one short-term studio.


The long-term studios will be available in September with two-year long leases, with space for one artist in each studio. The studios range size from 216 square feet to 304 square feet and rents range from $355.00 to $384.00 per month, depending on the size of the studio. Rent will not raised during the duration of the residency. Each resident also pays $30 per month for utilities. During their tenure each resident has the opportunity to have a solo exhibition in MoCA Arlington’s Wyatt Resident Artist Gallery. These can be solo exhibitions of the artist’s own work or group exhibitions that the artist organizes.


The short term studio will be available from September 2023 to May 2024. This 600 square foot studio is typically shared by two artists, with each paying $320 in rent. If an applicant is interested, MoCA Arlington would consider leasing the space to a single artist who wishes to use the entire space and can cover the full monthly rent of $700. Please indicate your preference on the application form. Each resident also pays $30 per month for utilities. Please see the information about each opportunity below and reach out to amanda.jironmurphy@mocaarlington.org with any questions.


  • Contemporary visual artists working in all media are welcome to apply. Selection criteria include (but are not limited to) artistic merit, diversity of media and artistic representation within MoCA Arlington’s residency program.
  • As the short-term residency is only 9 months long, applicants to the short-term residents must commit to being in the area for the duration of their participation in the residency. Artists applying to the short-term residency should specify if they would be open to sharing the studio or if they would prefer to have the studio to themselves.
  • For the short-term studio, special consideration will be given to artists who apply with project proposals.
  • The studio should be used as primarily an art-making space, i.e. cannot be used as a commercial space.
  • International artists are encouraged to apply. Please note that MoCA Arlington cannot provide visas, nor can it sponsor international applicants. All international artists must secure their own visas prior to their arrival.
  • Artists who have already participated in MoCA Arlington’s long-term residency may not re-apply.


After an initial review by current resident artists and staff, MoCA Arlington staff will conduct interviews with a final short list of candidates. MoCA Arlington is committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our community, including staff, resident artists, board members, instructors, students, and the general public. MoCA Arlington does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, or any other category protected by local and federal laws.

Each application will remain on file for one calendar year and may be used for future studio openings within that time frame. If you applied to the studio residency program within the past year and want to be considered for this opportunity, email amanda.jironmurphy@mocaarlington.org with “Include My Residency Application in 2023 Review” in the subject line.


Each resident artist will meet the following conditions:

  • Artists are responsible for maintaining the studio in a safe and reasonably tidy manner, and will not make alterations to the space without permission. Artists must leave the studio in the state in which the studio was found and remove all belongings at the end of the residency.
  • Artists are responsible for acquisition and care of their materials and equipment, and for any insurance on their work or equipment.
  • Artists must observe all MoCA Arlington’s rules, including security regulations, use of studio, cooperation with staff and other artists, timely payment of rent, and all health and safety regulations.


As members of MoCA Arlington’s community, resident artists also contribute to the organization’s broader mission of connecting the public to contemporary art and artists.

  • Resident artists will be required to be available to participate in public and private programs throughout the residency. This includes public open studios and Resident Artists’ events, such as monthly cohort meetings, group critiques, exhibition openings, special events and additional outreach services as agreed-upon.
  • Residents artists will be expected to make frequent use of the studios, i.e. not use the studio solely as storage space.
  • In exchange for subsidized rent, resident artists are asked to support the museum by gallery sitting and greeting visitors for four hours per month, typically on weekends.


  1.         CV/ Resume (3 pages max; must be PDF or word document.)
  2.         References (3 professional or academic references with name, phone number, and email)
  3.         Engagement Statement (500 words max; must be PDF or Word document)

The Museum of Contemporary Art Arlington Residency program expects that its artist residents engage with one another, participate in monthly resident meetings and maintain communication with one another and MoCA Arlington staff. Describe your availability for and interest in resident community-building activities including but not limited to studio visits, artist talks, workshops, open studios for classes or community groups and resident critique sessions.

  1.         Artist Statement (1 page max; must be PDF or word document)
  2.         Work Sample Index (work must be made in the past 2 years)

Please include Artist Name, Title, Year, Medium, and Dimensions for each work. If submitting password-protected video or audio samples, please also include the relevant passwords in the Work Sample Index.

  1.         Work Samples

Artists may submit up to ten work samples. These work samples may be still images or video/ audio material. Artists are welcome to submit a combination of still images and recorded material if it makes sense for their practice but the maximum number of work samples that can be submitted is ten. 

  1.         Project Proposal (For short-term studio only. 1 page max; must be PDF or Word document)

Please describe how you would use the short-term studio. Information about your materials and process are encouraged. If there is specific exhibition or project that you would use the studio for, please describe in detail and include exhibition dates and venue information.

If you are applying for the long-term residency you may bypass this section.

To submit still images: Still images should be uploaded as .jpg files. Please upload images using the following file format: 

Artist Last Name_Artist First Name_Artwork Title.jpg

To submit recorded material (video or audio): Recorded material can be submitted as links to this material online. Links should lead directly to the individual work on the artist’s website or on a video sharing platform (Vimeo, Youtube etc.) If recorded content is password protected, please include the password in the Work Sample Index.

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