Developing Your Style: Drawing Exploration (Ages 14-18)

IN-PERSON CLASS / Tuesdays / 4:30-6:00pm

This class will explore art history and encourage students to develop their own artistic voice. Students will choose their own unique observational drawing to render in a variety of historical …

Fundamentals of Drawing: Form & Value: Ages 14-18

Tuesdays / January 28 - March 17 / 4:30-6pm

In this course, we’ll work from observation using a variety of materials to explore the challenges common to representational and abstract art. The class will learn about linear perspective, exploring …

Exploring Forms: Art School and Portfolio Prep Workshop: Ages 14-18

Saturday / December 14 / 1-3pm

During this two-hour workshop for students interested in pursuing art in college or university, participants will explore one form through three distinct mediums and discuss best practices in photographing their …

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