May 5, 2016

AAC’s 2016 Summer Art Camp Preview

Mask-making with papier mâché
Mask-making with papier mâché

The weather is finally warming up (sort of), days are getting longer, spring break just whizzed by us…it must mean summer is almost here!

If you’re a super-planner you probably already know every activity, every trip, and every camp your children will participate in this summer…but if, like us, you haven’t quite mapped out summer 2016 yet, then you’re in luck!

As kids anxiously await summer, there’s no better place to put all that energy than into some creative fun than at AAC, so we put together a quick preview of some of our most popular camps!

A student creating texture on top of a drawing of an insect
Layering texture over the surface

Bug Out

Mon – Fri., August 29 – Sept 2

Little ones get their hands on some imaginative creepy crawlies in this camp! Using scientific illustrations, campers will explore the wonderful world of insects. This class is for our youngest campers ages 4 – 6.

Campers painted pre-cut parts and assembled them into Crazy Jointed Animals
Campers painted and assembled Crazy Jointed Animals

Hilarious Animals

Mon – Fri., June 27 – July 1

Hilarious animals are all around us, whether it be in your home, a book or in a YouTube video. There is always a cat or dog doing something ridiculous. In this camp our 4 – 6 year-olds get inspired by listening to silly poems and stories that will spark their imagination for their very own silly creations.

AAC Student art inspired by Louise Nevelson
AAC Student art inspired by Louise Nevelson

Art Trekkers

Mon – Fri., July 18 – 22

Our intrepid Art Trekkers will learn about contemporary artists and art movements from all over the world. We start close to home with a tour of AAC’s galleries and artist studios! Campers ages 7 – 10 then incorporate this knowledge into art projects.

Each mural was modeled after a large drawing created by each camper
Campers created large murals from small concept sketches

Magnificent Murals

Mon – Fri., July 18 – 22

What isn’t magnificent about giant walls covered in artwork? Grabbing inspiration from modern and contemporary graffiti artists, campers aged 7 – 10 will make their very own murals on paper for an at-home exhibition.

Paper & Printmaking

Mon – Fri., July 18 – 22

Campers making agamographs
Campers making agamographs

Printmaking and collage can be bit of a labor intensive process but it doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. Campers express their artistic vision by creating works using two different printmaking techniques.

In addition to this, they’ll also make 3-D collages and agamographs. To learn more about this camp visit our blog. This class is for campers ages 11 – 14.

Book Illustration

Printmaking with stamps. This student applies the ink-covered block to paper
Applying an ink-covered block to paper

Mon – Fri., Aug 29 – Sept 2

Book Illustration is a camp for all the 11 – 14 year olds storytellers out there. Come with a story you’ve written or a story you love. Our instructors will help you bring it to life using drawings, thumbnails, storyboards, illustrations, and book-binding methods.

Instructor Hedieh Javanshir Ilchi teaching the Becoming an Artist class to teens 14-18
Becoming an Artist with teens 14-18

Becoming an Artist

Mon – Fri., June 11 – 15

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become an artist? In our Becoming An Artist camp you’ll learn how.

Our instructors will discuss contemporary art an artists while focusing on drawing, painting, and fine tuning your artistic techniques. This camp is designed for teens aged 14 – 18, and can be a great way to begin or further develop a budding artist’s portfolio.

Campers from last summer's Photo Institute look at their work in the galleries
Campers from last summer’s Photo Institute look at their work in the galleries

Photography Institute

Mon – Fri., Aug 1 – 12

With the rise of social media, teens are constantly on their phones snapping pictures for  Instagram, Snap-chat and Facebook. Why not take those images and turn them into works of art?

This is a great camp for teens 14 – 18 who are interested in exploring a career in photography.

In this course students will learn the basics of film and digital photography, from professional photographers. Lessons include darkroom work at the Capital Hill Arts Workshop.  Spoiler Alert: They might even get to use their iPhones.

And, this is just a sample of what’s coming up this summer! All in all we are looking forward to another fun and educational summer, and we hope you make a pit stop here along the way to your next adventure.

To learn more about what happens in our camps, you can look at past projects and lessons on our blog, and check out the full schedule of 2016 summer art camps at AAC on our website!

2016 Summer Camps at Arlington Arts Center
Every summer more than 600 children and teens come to AAC for week-long day camps focused on creativity, contemporary art, and artistic techniques. Camps are a great way to maintain the vigor to learn while also creating an easy going environment where children thrive.
To see the full schedule and register for our summer camps, visit our web site or call our office at (703)248-6800. Be sure to check back in the coming weeks for more photographs and camp updates!

Golden: Fifty Years of New Classics

UPCOMING: Opens June 15, 2024

Curated by Al Miner

Museum of Contemporary Art Arlington is proud to present Golden: Fifty Years of New Classics, an exhibition celebrating the organization’s 50th anniversary.

Summer Camp Registration

June 17 – August 16

Museum of Contemporary Art Arlington offers a wonderful and wide range of creative summer camps for your creative students! Camps are offered for kids starting at age 5 and up to teens ages 18.

Zaq Landsberg: Reclining Liberty

August 5, 2023 - July 28, 2024

Front Lawn
MoCA Arlington and Arlington Public Art are thrilled to co-sponsor the installation of Zaq Landsberg’s celebrated Reclining Liberty on the Museum’s front lawn.