April 16, 2014

AAC Students and Teachers Featured in Upcoming Exhibition: Instructors Select

Student Work, Juliet Mondshine
Student: Juliet Mondshine. Instructor: Stephanie Lane.

Spring has finally arrived and brought with it a storm of art! On Saturday April 26, we will open no less than nine different exhibitions, and you’re invited to see them all!

Most of you are familiar with our headlining shows like Spring SOLOS, a set of seven solo exhibitions presented in our galleries by contemporary emerging artists from the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Along with this familiar title, you’ll see Flatland by Jessica van Brakle in the Wyatt Resident Artists Gallery, and Instructors Select in the Jenkins Community Gallery.

Instructors Select features work by both our students and instructors to showcase the talent found and cultivated in our adult classes, while exploring the transmission of ideas and techniques from instructor to student.

This show highlights work by instructors Stephanie Lane, Dan Perkins, and Jenny Walton and several of their students. Students included in the exhibition are: Yuritzi Acosta, Petra Begemann, Jon Breeding, Anne Elguindi, Dana Krissoff, Michael Matos, Juliet Mondshine, Christy Pino, Alice Russo, and Bob Smarz.

Meet some of our instructors:


Stephanie Lane

“AAC’s “Find Your Artist” is what I think you will see at this exhibit. As an instructor my goal is to help each student recognize their unique ways and then learn new methods for expressing them. Building confidence through Individuality is paramount. Everyone is finding their artist within here.”

Lane has worked in the arts for more than 30 years. Her experience spans the arts-gamut from Picture Researcher and Editor at the National Geographic Society to commercial muralist in DC. From 1999 to 2004 Lane studied Abstract Art at the Corcoran College of Art and Design with William Christenberry.


Student: Michael Matos. Instructor: Dan Perkins.
Student: Michael Matos. Instructor: Dan Perkins.
Student: Petra Begemann. Instructor: Stephanie Lane
Student: Petra Begemann. Instructor: Stephanie Lane.


Dan Perkins

“For me, teaching offers the opportunity to dialogue with ideas that I have long been fascinated by. It also allows me the opportunity to revisit these concepts in a fresh light, while exposing newcomers to these notions. The opportunity to teach my primary medium, oil painting, not only allows me to look at these familiar ideas with fresh eyes, it also helps me to unpack my personal fascination with this archaic approach to creating images.”

Perkins is a graduate of the MFA program at American University. He is also a founding member of Delicious Spectacle, and currently lives and works in Washington, DC. Dan is interested in raising questions about the nature of the sublime experience, transcendence, and exceptionalism, in general. He constructs paintings that act as odd assemblages of various painting histories. In total, they present a space for the viewer to reconsider these notions today.


Student: Jon Breeding. Instructor: Stephanie Lane
Student: Jon Breeding. Instructor: Stephanie Lane.
Student: Anne Elguindi. Instructor: Dan Perkins
Student: Anne Elguindi. Instructor: Dan Perkins.


Jenny Walton 

Through the use of a variety of lenses, Walton’s work allows individuals to access healing processes from the strata of human existence including biological, sociological, and humor. Last fall she taught Observational Drawing, a class designed by Walton to familiarize students with a variety of materials and techniques for developing line, form, and light.


Student: Bob Smarz. Instructor: Stephanie Lane.
Student: Bob Smarz. Instructor: Stephanie Lane.
Student: Christy Pino. Instructor: Jenny Walton
Student: Christy Pino. Instructor: Jenny Walton.









You’ll see all of this work and more at the opening reception on Saturday, April 26 from 6 pm to 9 pm. As always this is a fantastic opportunity to chat with our residents in their studios, meet the artists of each exhibition, and mingle with staff, board members and volunteers of AAC.

Wanna find how to get your work into Instructors Select? Adult Registration opens May 1! You can check our website then for info on summer class offerings for adults, but remember registration for children and teen summer camps is open NOW!

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